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Desolate City: The Bloody Dawn

Desolate City: The Bloody Dawn

It seems a regular day in the small city of Gray Bay, but in a few hours all sinks in chaos. The proof of an experimental virus project have made a reality, but not as they wished.

The virus has spread beyond the city due to an explosion and now you have to survive to the Maniacs: infected people who kill in an uncontrolled way.

Platform: Windows

Genre: ARPG, Survival-Horror

Language: English, Spanish

Download (55,3MB)

Air Force Gear

Air Force Gear

Confront an air war that only you can stop.

Overfly different terrains of the planet and destroy hordes of enemy planes. Discover additional levels and demonstrate your dexterity.

Check your ranking and Surpass yourself!

Platform: Android

Genre: Arcade, Shoot'em Up

Language: English

Coming soon...