Desolate City: The 7th Day

We are pleased to announce a project that will have its official start after the end of the development of Super Crystal Hunter.
For the moment, we have developed the cover of what will be the interlude between Desolate City: The Bloody Dawn and its possible sequel:

Cover art of the comic that unites first and second part of the saga

The interesting thing about this project is that it will come in the form of a comic.
It is a way to reach people in other formats and expand the borders of this saga in other ways.

The comic will be in digital format and will be completely free.
In principle, the content will be in English and the vignettes in black and white.

In Desolate City: The 7th Day, the next 7 days of Max Shawn will be shown when he escaped from Gray Bay after knowing firsthand what he discovered by chance, plus what Lisa told him about the truth of the incident that has gone beyond the city.

We will see the development of him who ended up being the protagonist and a character transition, which will be slow, but that will formally begin on the 7th day of his escape from Gray Bay.

Desolate City: The 7th Day

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