The OST of our games

Some years have passed since then (for some OST more than others), but undoubtedly there are melodies that are simply great in albums that have developed great artists such as VK Creations (Patrick de Arteaga) and EN.i. You can listen to what they have composed for us throughout all these years (5 and we go […]

Super Crystal Hunter 0.5.7

Bug fixes from 0.5 😒: After finishing the first mini-game 2 times, you get 2 prizes (items).Β When one item is redeemed from the bag (always it’s redeem from left to right), redeemed the 2 objects at once. When BONUS was unlocked, when entering a new level, the graphic of the mini-games funfair was lost. Added […]

Spanish blog

Originally our first websites (back in 2012) were completely in Spanish. Since than a year we decided to offer the content on this website (the official website) in a neutral language. Today, we support with a simple blog for the diffusion of the original content to the Spanish-speakers. You can access the blog from the […]

Super Crystal Hunter v0.4.3

After the official and in-depth presentation of this new game, we’re going to notify this version: Fixed regressions of the 0.4 πŸ™: 1st Boss: Fixed in the mechanics that produced an undesired result. When finishing levels (Bosses): A small change was missing for the correct animation of “complete / incomplete Lv”. Level selector: The access […]

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