We’re back!

Our vacation ended and we resumed the activity of the group. We have plans to make an update to the file card of our game “Ian, El Benjamín Arrugado“, to make a micro-prequel of that game. In principle, the game will be for PC (Windows) as the original, and will be a game with a […]

Super Crystal Hunter 0.9.3

The extra zone of the game has been improved by adding a micro-sidequest, as well as other new curiosities. The endings have also been integrated and improved. Important: We’ll be on vacation until July, where we’ll resume the final stretch of Super Crystal Hunter. Meanwhile, you can enjoy our published games or review our latest […]

Super Crystal Hunter 0.9

We are pleased to announce that the development of the game has reached 90%, in the absence of finishing the side-quest, make some adjustments, try everything in depth and port it to EasyRPG, to reach the output version (1.0) Bug fixes from 0.8.5 😢: Fixed a bug in the selection of options on the death […]

Super Crystal Hunter 0.8.5

Finally, all the extra area which we mentioned in the previous version, it was totally finished. This extra is quite interesting, because you’d need do something to continue a bit more the adventure, far from East lands. Also, we’ve started to make test, in the same way as Desolate City, for bring the game further […]

Super Crystal Hunter 0.7.9

Finally the new version of this game saw the light after months (due to the new version of Desolate City and the continuation of Super Crystal Hunter). In this version we start to face the final stretch of the game. Bug fixes from 0.7 😢: Aesthetic fixes. Added in 0.7.9 😄: Extra zone (reward for […]

New design for the next years

Hey! We have done a painting job from the website (working with the same style 2 years). We have always opted for a simple design, because Netherware does not need a complex website. We hope you enjoy the new and minimalist design, to be able to focus the page to our games and the development […]

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