The seed of this group was put back in 2006, in a more humble group. Since 2013, Netherware Entertainment began to operate more seriously with one of our first freeware games and then we have incorporated new ones.

They incorporate CC BY 3.0 and 4.0 (Attribution) license, so you will not have any problem doing what you want with them, as long as you give us the corresponding credit.

Of course!

We encourage you to do it.

Be commercial or freeware games, you will not have any problems.
In the freeware games in particular, you will not have copyright problems (such as known problems with soundtracks), because we develop the melodies.

Be a live record, a let’s play, a review or an article, let us know and we will share it on our website and related webpages.

We will take into account your experiences for future games. šŸ˜‰

Yes, normally the details of game handling are usually explained in the game itself, at the beginning.

Among other files such as the full-size game cover, we incorporate the README.html file, which is essential to read.

You can visualize it simply by double clicking. There we explain some configurations, details to keep in mind, the game license and the milestone of that game.

Keep in mind that you will find this information in PC games.

Yes, this group wants to develop all kind of games without being stuck in a single style.
Variety is the spice of life.

Practically yes.

The main team covers as far as possible, which corresponds to the following sections:

  • Script, characters and story development, if the game requires it.
  • Mechanics development.
  • Programming.
  • Art (graphic resources such as pixel art, digital illustrations, game cover).
  • Levels and maps design.
  • Betatesting.
  • Portability tests to other platforms.
  • Quality control.

There are sections that we can not take charge of and we outsource them to trusted collaborators, such as:

  • Original soundtrack.
  • Narration and dubbing.
  • Translation.
  • General tests.

Regarding sound effects, since it seems to us the most complicated section to outsource / develop, we use free libraries and we alter, remix and combine some of those sounds with those which we can develop ourselves.

Apart from the aforementioned, we think that a game can be much more than that.

As we do not want to be stuck, we work with synergies and proposals with other groups and companies from different sectors to take the games further.

In this way, users of other media can also enjoy our games in other formats.

We know the sector enough to know that the end user is disappointed many times.

We want to be right and fair in prices.
Undoubtedly, we hope that our projects like people in general, but with a value proportional to the work of it and without losing that touch that characterizes Netherware.

It is essential.

As you have seen, in each game page we are updating the date of last update that we ourselves or the users themselves support us.

Check out your favorite Netherware titles to have the most stable version.