Super Crystal Hunter 0.6.8

Hi again!

Bug fixes from 0.6.3 😢:

  • Added patch that cuts effects not finalized correctly.
  • Fixed random access to mini-game fairs without repeating the last played.

Added in 0.6.8 😄:

  • Functional Nv20 boss and new dialogues.
  • Levels 16 – 19


We have been advancing the game and solving some important problems mentioned in the previous news. All this has taken time, however the game is for the moment very stable.

We will continue advancing in the construction of levels at least until the Nv24 (penultimate), while we prepare to face parts of the dense development, such as the side-quest and its minigame, extras, the final level (25), the very end of the game, and some other things that will be arriving in the coming months.

Between this version and the next, we can consider that the game is just over 50%, we are taking steps towards the end!

We leave you with a capture, the boss of Lv 20, we hope you like it:

When using one item from bag called “Ghostly”, some bosses are affected by it.

Super Crystal Hunter 0.6.8

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