Super Crystal Hunter 0.8.5

Finally, all the extra area which we mentioned in the previous version, it was totally finished.

This extra is quite interesting, because you’d need do something to continue a bit more the adventure, far from East lands.

Also, we’ve started to make test, in the same way as Desolate City, for bring the game further from Windows. But we must make more tests and finishing the game.

Bug fixes from 0.7.9 😢:

  • More aesthetics improvements
  • Fixes related with texts
  • Fixes in some bosses

Added in 0.8.5 😄:

  • Extra zone finished
  • Function to skip the main logos
  • Function to exit from a level automatically (IMPORTANT, it works only in normal levels and it doesn’t score in hi-score when player uses this option)
After finishing the game reaching 100%

Super Crystal Hunter 0.8.5

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