Super Crystal Hunter v0.4.3

After the official and in-depth presentation of this new game, we’re going to notify this version:

Fixed regressions of the 0.4 🙁:

  • 1st Boss: Fixed in the mechanics that produced an undesired result.
  • When finishing levels (Bosses): A small change was missing for the correct animation of “complete / incomplete Lv”.
  • Level selector: The access of a level must be available when the cursor is placed on it. By selecting too fast you could select a level just without seeing it and also the level title was displaced, instead of centered.

Added in the new version 🙂:

  • SFX: As far as we have developed, the game incorporates custom sounds.
  • BSO: Added custom song in the intro and bonus unlocking.
  • BD setup: Optimization and internal structuring that accelerates the course of development.
  • Review in dialogs: Everything we have so far, is corrected for possible errors.
  • Beta testing: The overlap of 1 power up + 1 power down in touch against the protagonist, creates combined effects that should not happen at the same time.
A gift in 0.4.3: see how a bird with its offspring can cross the screen (in addition to the clouds and their change of lighting).

Super Crystal Hunter v0.4.3

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