Super Crystal Hunter v0.4

Our first 2018 log!

As we have previously announced, we have prepared an advanced version of our new project. showing in detail how the game will be.

All the old versions until this new one have been approximately developed since the last three months of the last year.

SCH is an arcade game which mixes parts of traditional RPGs, making it a unique and different adventure.

One of the first things which we have changed has been the provisional logo (seen in the first entry about SCH), by one of more professional appearance.

Why “Super Crystal Hunter”?

It is one of many ideas that we had to develop. The idea of ​​mixing genres seems very interesting and given that the plot involves a treasure hunter, well… Hm, there is little more to explain.

Except the “Super”, that you can discover it in the intro of the game, although it makes think that it is a game for SNES 😀

We still have to balance the gameplay and develop some new areas, but this version will be critical to be able to further development.

Everything that has been developed so far and as is usual, is totally created by ourselves and our collaborators.

Logo, language selector, main title and initial menu

One of the things we can appreciate, is that this game will also be available in English and Spanish, the same as Desolate City.

For this, we have the help of a new collaborator: Maggi, a girl who helps us to ellaborate and improve texts in the English translation.

You can also appreciate the first melody of the game, composed by our trusted collaborator Patrick de Arteaga.

We will try to share the BSO as it contains new melodies for your enjoyment.

World map (general parameters, menu, level selector and level summary), playing demo level

The world map includes a multitude of levels to rate (in principle we have thought 25 levels that will be more difficult as you advance).

From this map, we can not only see the total score acquired so far, but we can see the 2 objects which we can store and redeem at any normal level (point collection), since there are other levels that will act as side quests (where it will enter in action the “Special” space), without counting the mini-games and in them the objects of the bag can not be used.

All that information is the one that appears in the upper part of the screen, that we can choose to show it or hide it if it interferes with our game experience.

Then, at those normal levels, we can see their summarized information, such as the time available reach at least the points they suggest. But we can surpass that score, hence “+250” (as seen in the video), indicate that if 250 points or more are reached at that level, the bonus will be activated and once that game is finished, we will be able to access a minigame from the world map.

On the other hand, we can access at any time from the world map to the menu, where you can choose from a wide variety of possibilities.

And of course to end this section, the game can be seen in those normal levels, where once you have seen its summary from the world map, it will be necessary to collect crystals and power ups to be able to reach those points (or the bonus, if you get a good score) and be able to continue.

And after that?

Right now we have left to see the tip of the iceberg.

Most of what we have mentioned is integrated and functional, but there are other things still to be defined, such as those secondary missions we are talking about, the minigames, bosses (yes, there will be someones!), and some of these things are what they incorporate the next version.

We hope you like this new project, totally opposite to what we have developed previously.

Until the next news!


Super Crystal Hunter v0.4

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