Super Crystal Hunter 0.5.7

Bug fixes from 0.5 😒: After finishing the first mini-game 2 times, you get 2 prizes (items).Β When one item is redeemed from the bag (always it’s redeem from left to right), redeemed the 2 objects at once. When BONUS was unlocked, when entering a new level, the graphic of the mini-games funfair was lost. Added […]

Super Crystal Hunter v0.4.3

After the official and in-depth presentation of this new game, we’re going to notify this version: Fixed regressions of the 0.4 πŸ™: 1st Boss: Fixed in the mechanics that produced an undesired result. When finishing levels (Bosses): A small change was missing for the correct animation of “complete / incomplete Lv”. Level selector: The access […]

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