Super Crystal Hunter 0.9.9

Finally, we already have the Steam game shop website. We have still a provisional cover, but we encourage you to pass in the Steam community to follow our news there too, since we will advance news about the release and other updates. As you would no doubt expect, you can enjoy the trailer we have […]

Super Crystal Hunter 0.9.7

It has been a hard job, but we have officially finished the minigame that we lacked from the side-quest and therefore, the game as a whole, except for the BSO and the cover. While this is over, we enter the final testing and commissioning step. We will continue to report the final steps of the […]

Super Crystal Hunter 0.9.3

The extra zone of the game has been improved by adding a micro-sidequest, as well as other new curiosities. The endings have also been integrated and improved. Important: We’ll be on vacation until July, where we’ll resume the final stretch of Super Crystal Hunter. Meanwhile, you can enjoy our published games or review our latest […]

Super Crystal Hunter 0.9

We are pleased to announce that the development of the game has reached 90%, in the absence of finishing the side-quest, make some adjustments, try everything in depth and port it to EasyRPG, to reach the output version (1.0) Bug fixes from 0.8.5 😢: Fixed a bug in the selection of options on the death […]

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