Super Crystal Hunter 0.8.5

Finally, all the extra area which we mentioned in the previous version, it was totally finished. This extra is quite interesting, because you’d need do something to continue a bit more the adventure, far from East lands. Also, we’ve started to make test, in the same way as Desolate City, for bring the game further […]

Super Crystal Hunter 0.7.9

Finally the new version of this game saw the light after months (due to the new version of Desolate City and the continuation of Super Crystal Hunter). In this version we start to face the final stretch of the game. Bug fixes from 0.7 😒: Aesthetic fixes. Added in 0.7.9 πŸ˜„: Extra zone (reward for […]

Super Crystal Hunter 0.5.7

Bug fixes from 0.5 😒: After finishing the first mini-game 2 times, you get 2 prizes (items).Β When one item is redeemed from the bag (always it’s redeem from left to right), redeemed the 2 objects at once. When BONUS was unlocked, when entering a new level, the graphic of the mini-games funfair was lost. Added […]

Super Crystal Hunter v0.4.3

After the official and in-depth presentation of this new game, we’re going to notify this version: Fixed regressions of the 0.4 πŸ™: 1st Boss: Fixed in the mechanics that produced an undesired result. When finishing levels (Bosses): A small change was missing for the correct animation of “complete / incomplete Lv”. Level selector: The access […]

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