Desolate City: The Bloody Dawn (Enhanced Edition)

Desolate City: The Bloody Dawn (Enhanced Edition)

Genre: ARPG, Survival-Horror

Platform: PC (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X)

Language: English, Spanish, Simplified and Traditional Chinese

Launched: June 2017

Last update: 21 Jan 2019

Game value

In this adventure, the plot is gradually discovered and you can find additional information to complete the story.

And... What can I find interesting in this game?

  • Experience a new survival-horror story
  • Completely original graphics (pixel art and illustrations)!
  • Own OST, developed by Patrick de Arteaga
  • 4 possible different rankings at the end of game
  • 3 different main characters
  • Find all kind of items, including firearms!
  • Multiple sequences
  • Fight against normal enemies, special enemies, semi-boss, boss & special boss

New features of the enhanced edition:

  • Menu system
  • Improved scenes
  • Improved languages and new languages to select
  • Tutorial about game controls
  • Normal and hard mode
  • Better resolution (24 bits)
  • Compatibility with Steam
  • Cross-platform


It seems a normal day in the small city of Gray Bay, but in a few hours chaos spreads everywhere.

The test of an experimental virus project have made a reality, but not in the way they've expected.

The virus has spread beyond the city due to an explosion and now you have to survive to the Maniacs: infected people who kill in an uncontrolled way.


Read the instructions to unlock the cheats HERE.