We resume Super Crystal Hunter and other good news!

At the end of January, the enhanced edition of Desolate City was finally released on Steam.

While the game begins to spread on the Internet (as can be seen in this IFGN article), we have begun to prepare the continuation of the development of Super Crystal Hunter.

Of course the launch of Desolate City will not be the last thing you will see about it, it is a game that we are very fond of (especially for being the first to have been released and of greater magnitude until then), as well as its plot, characters and everything that is prepared of it.

But Super Crystal Hunter is also taking steps and we are going to face a pending version where we will update all the side quest that will have the game, as well as some surprises that will incorporate time and development.

No more to add, enjoy the new version of Desolate City those who already acquired it and those who do not, take a look.

See you soon with more news, most likely related to Super Crystal Hunter.

We resume Super Crystal Hunter and other good news!

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